The cost of a lawyer comprises the lawyer’s fees, court costs and general costs of office administration.
We have a transparent approach to fees. Therefore our clients are always kept fully up-to-date with costs.

The administration costs can be estimated as follows:
  • file opening: 50€
  • correspondence and court documents: 10€/per sheet
  • photocopies: 0,50€ / per copy
  • file closing: 50€
  • travel costs: 0,50€ / per km

The court costs are the costs that the client is required to pay to third parties, such as bailiffs, court registry, translators and other authorities. The client pays the costs directly to the third parties. Should the lawyer have paid these court costs in advance, they will be incuded accurately in the statement of fees and costs.

The lawyer’s fee is a fee which stand for the services delivered by the lawyer. In most cases our attorney will be paid under a hourly rate or a fixed fee previously arranged. An additional fee can be agreed in case of a successful outcome.

The hourlee fee charged varies between125€ and 200€ depending on the case unless otherwise agreed. The nature of the case can determine whether a fixed amout, a percentage or a success fee is the most appropriate.
From the 1st of january 2014, all services are subject to VAT 21%.

Recovery of court costs and legal fees.

Since 1/1/2008, the winning party in court has the right to reclaim part of all of his legal fees and costs from the losing party. This compensation is legally fixed. The judge determines the precise amount. This amount, both the basic amount, and the minimum and maximum amounts of court costs, are stipulated in the KB of 26/10/2007.

Legal expenses insurance.

This insurance covers all lawyer’s fees and costs up to a specified amount. Certain court costs are also covered.

General conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the relationship between the client and our lawyers falls under these general conditions:
  • All bills of fees and costs will be accompanied by a detailled summary of the services delivered during the period in question.
  • All unpaid bills of fees and costs will be increased, legally and without notice of default, by a standard interest rate of 8% per annum, calculated as from the due date, and a fixed surcharge of 10% of the outstanding amount.
  • In the event of non-payment of the invoice, our lawyers reserve the right to suspend all action on the case, legally and without notice of default.
  • Our lawyers shall transfer all monies received on behalf of the client (on their trust account) to the client without delay. Our lawyers reserve the right to deduct any outstanding invoice from the monies transferred to the client, subject to written notice.

Sample legal services contract – private client

A sample legal services contract is available which covers the most important commitments between lawyer and client. The use of this sample contract is optional.